Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is shipping?

    The cost of the shipping depends on the item(s) you order.

    A cost will be determined at the checkout page.

    We charge canvas at a fixed shipping cost of either $10.00 NZD or $15.00 NZD, depending on where you live. This only applies for canvas.

    For posters, there are a selection of shipping methods to choose from, ranging between cheapest and fastest.

    Note: We charge shipping separately for posters and canvas which also means that they’ll come in different packages and at different times. If you made a purchase of canvas and posters together, the total shipping cost would be the fixed shipping rate of canvas and the lowest shipping rate of posters. (Lowest shipping rate would also mean that it would take the longest time for your posters to arrive.)

    We would recommend you to make a two different purchases if you’re after a canvas and a poster. This would allow you to choose the best shipping option for your posters to suit your timeframe.

    If you're confused or want to know more regarding shipping cost, send your inquiries to

    Do you ship worldwide? 


    What is fulfillment time and how long does it take? 

    Fulfillment time is the length of time it takes for our products to leave our warehouse and begin its shipping journey to you. It takes between 2-5 working days to have it all ready for delivery.

    Are the prices shown in New Zealand Dollar?

    Yes. By default, the prices are in New Zealand Dollar. If you would to see the product’s price in your own currency, you can switch to it at the top right of the page. However, the prices would convert back to NZD at the checkout.

    Do you offer a bigger size?

    Yes. If you would like to know more about it, make a request through to

    I can't find a print I want. Can I request for a custom print?

    Yes, you can. Just send in a message through the "Contact Us" page to request a custom print. Please leave the necessary details (size, type) along with your information.

    Do I have to sign-up to buy a print?

    You don't have to sign up to buy a print. However, signing in will allow you to keep track of all your orders in real time.

    Do you offer framing?


    How is my item being packaged?

    All posters are rolled up in a tube.

    All canvas are bubble-wrapped in a cardboard box.

    Have more questions? 
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